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Drill Battery Replacement

Several days ago, both of the batteries for my "13.2V" craftsman cordless driver/drill went out on me, literally simultaneously. I suspect this is as a result of the hard work I had just put them through. So, I had to finish that job using a corded black and decker we have. It's got plenty of torgue, but is much too fast for driving, and has no clutch at all, so it's very easy to overdrive everything. When I was tested the batteries to see if they had any charge, I noticed that, gasp, these packs looked like they were held together with screws. The voltage was quite low, so I pulled the screws to see if they really had made it user serviceable, and they had. Hooray!
I got online and priced both replacement batteries ($50+ shipping, ouch), and individiual sub-C cells, which were also expensive. In the end, I found an auction from Powerizer/batteryspace.com on ebay that ran me $37 with shipping, to get me all the cells I'd need for both packs, along with 2 spares, and pre-soldered with tabs. The cells are "not shipped fully charged", but after testing all of them, they read between 1.28V and 1.31V OC, with the exception of one cell which was at 1.20V. Those all seem plenty charged enough for me, so I'm going to go ahead and build the packs with them, without doing any testing or charging of the cells at all. Once the packs are built, I'll put them in the charger for a full charge, then drain them, then charge again, and call it good. I'm sure I can get that much done this week.


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Jan. 22nd, 2008 04:42 pm (UTC)
Craftsman 13.2 volt battery
I just did a search on the Craftsman 13.2 volt and I found these guys have one for $30.00. http://www.batterybank.net/digital/powertools/craftsman981090-001.html
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