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Paper Robot

I actually found a tidbit of useful information in PopSci from November. They had a link to a paper robot. While the instructions and materials provided in PopSci were probably OK for manual use, my wife got a CriCut last year, and this seemed a perfect place to try it. After playing around with the PopSci information for a while, I emailed them and received a response that they didn't have anything better than JPEG files for the cut/fold maps. Fortunately, they provided some information that allowed me to find Ankur Mehta, an MIT fellow who produced the originals. He was able to send me updated version in PDF, SVG, and DXF.

The SVG version imported into CriCut Design Space, and I'm cutting and scoring the design as I type this. It looks like it will work, but there are quite a few "artifacts" from the SVG creation process that make it less than ideal. In particular, the "wheels" which look like circles are actually a large number of segments designed to approximate a circle. This means that the CriCut will cut each segment individually instead of as a single continuous cut.

I've downloaded Inkscape, and I'll try to see if I can clean up the SVG, though I don't know if SVG can represent circles directly, or even if it can link multiple vectors together into a single "construct".

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